While we are a newer company, we are certainly not new to the pedicure spa industry. Distributors, salon owners, nail technicians—industry decision makers—know our company leaders. Gene Drozdov was a Customer Service Technician and Manager at a leading manufacturer of pedicure spas where he forged relationships with purchasers and users. He spent 12 years working closely with installers, nail technicians and spa owners, performing troubleshooting walk-throughs and providing the tools to get spas back in working order in quick fashion. During his time, Gene had an intimate view of the flaws of pedicure spa design, from those who matter most: end-users themselves. Seeing the industry trending towards over-engineering, Gene and his father Jeff—former Production Manager and Sustaining Engineer at the same leading manufacturer—created Fusion Spas to provide the industry with a collection of pedicure spas that deliver the features salon owners come to expect, but with a more simplified design.


Driven by affection for the industry, Fusion Spas is developing pedicure spas with three significant focal points: engineering efficiency, comfort for all who use them, and an unprecedented confidence in our product and customer service.